About the Eastern Plumas Recreation District

The Eastern Plumas Recreation District (EPRD) was established on March 5, 2002 to promote recreation and provide facilities for recreational activities t residents and landowners within the boundaries of the District Eastern Plumas county.

At that time, the District was granted $250,000 in authorized funds from the "California Clean Water, Clean Air, Safe Neighborhood Parks, and Coastal Protection Act of 2002” also known as Prop 40. The District used the funds to support youth sport teams, the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship project, yoga lessons in Blairsden, improvements at the Portola pool and improvements at the Johnsville Historic Ski Bowl (JHSB) which is currently the District’s major project. 

The EPRD is located in the historic region called the “Lost Sierra” of California where the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range meets the Cascade Mountain Range and  includes the communities of Chilcoot, Vinton, Beckworth, Delleker, Clio, Graeagle, Blairsden, and Cromberg with approximately 4,300 residents.  A map of the District can be found  on this website..

In 2005, the Plumas Ski Club (PSC) completed a feasibility study for reopening ski bowl and make needed improvements to the Johnsville Historic Ski Bowl (JHSB).  In 2006, the PSC cooperated with the California Department of Parks and Recreation (CDPR) to meet the legal requirements to evaluate the environmental impacts of reopening the ski ski bowl.  

In 2008, the District was asked by the PSC to take over the job of improving and operating the JHSB. The downturn in the economy over the next few years hampered initial funding opportunities, but refocused efforts.  

On August 1, 2010, the EPRD secured a ten year operating agreement with the State of California’s Department of Park and Recreation Concessions Division to oversee the operations of the Plumas Eureka Ski Bowl located just above Johnsville, CA and within Plumas Eureka State Park boundaries.  The Agreement governs construction and installation of a two-seater chairlift which was purchased from Squaw Valley and was used in the  1960’s Winter Olympics.  It also governs renovations of the Intorf Lodge, bathrooms, water system, groomer,  groomer shed and outbuildings.

The EPRD continues making improvements to the existing Ski Bowl premises and facilities and solely depends on your donations, fundraising in conjuction with the dedicated Plumas Ski Club,and the efforts of dedicated volunteers.  The EPRD also owns a 5 acre parcel for a community park in Chilcoot, CA. 

The District operates purely as a financing mechanism for projects and programs managed by other agencies (with the exception of the Ski Bowl) by providing a conduit service for other agencies who wish to apply for and obtain funding from bond and grant initiatives, by applying for and distributing funds to partner agencies, and providing donations to support recreational activities.  

The District does not  collect property tax revenue, nor is there a special tax or benefit assessment on property within the District.  EPRD is solely funded by your generous donations, user fees, grants and State money available to recreation districts.  The EPRD does  not charge its residents any fees at this time on property that they own or operate.  The EPRD does not have any long-term debt. All donations are tax deductible.

Tourist attractions in the District include Frenchman Lake, Lake Davis, the Plumas National Forest, the Pacific Crest Trail, Plumas Eureka State Park and Johnsville Ski Bowl, Great Lakes Basin, Last Chance Canyon Scenic Area, Dixie Mountain and Smith Peak State Game Refuges, Clover Valley, Sierra and Mohawk Valleys, the Diamond Mountain Range, and the Horton, Turner and Grizzly Ridges..

Still undiscovered, Plumas County offers its citizens and visitors plenty of things to do. Including seeking out  pioneer history, hiking, boating, ATVing, biking, winie and dining, golfing and cross country, sledding and Historic Longboard Revival Races (downhill) skiing.  

The District touts spectacular mountain golf and historic longboard skiing. There are five. 18-hole golf courses and two 9-hole golf courses to choose from.. Downhill skiing events  at the Johnsville Historic Ski Bowl in Eureka State Park recreates "original pioneer" skiing from the 1850's.  Come learn about the history of skiing with longboards, purses, dope and rustic regional music.

The EPRD is seeking like-minded folks to help out and volunteer.keeping the tradition of outdoor sports alive and well.  Long Live Longboards and Plumas County.