Board Regular Meeting Cancelled

Hi Everyone,


Just letting you know that there will be no meeting today because we do not have a quorum.

 The reason we do not have a quorum is because only two board members filed their election papers in 2017 and renewed their directorships.  Tom Connolly was elected for a 2 year seat.  Mimi Garner was elected to a 4 year seat.  Terri Becky did not file her papers as she was on a vacation and missed the deadline.  Elizabeth Cruze was appointed after the election filing date.  Unfortunately, both of their terms ended on November 30, 2017.


As a result, the Board of Supervisors has to reappoint one of them or a new person in order to have a quorum.  Supervisor Jeff Engel must put it on the Board of Supervisor's agenda.  He has not done that so far at their last two January meetings, therefore, neither Becky or Cruze could be appointed.


I regret that at the November regular meeting, only Elizabeth and myself showed up and so we did not have a quorum to conduct any business.  I did try my best to try to have a special meeting before the end of November.  I went out of my way to write up the agenda and posted it meeting the Brown Act rules but again none of the directors or supervisors showed up.  I waited until 7 pm and then went home.  We did have a turn out from the public who arrived for both the meetings.  I had to turn them away because we had no quorum.  


So at this point, until Supervisors Engel or Sanchez appoints a director and the current directors show up and we have a quorum, no business can be handled.  With the Sledding Days around the corner, I am trying to create a projects committee, so if you want to help please give me a call.   Fortunately, there is not enough snow to sled.


If you want to be a director please let either Supervisor Engel or Sanchez know you wish to serve so that you can be appointed and we can get on with business.


Hope everyone had a great holiday season.  Happy New Year to all.


Regards,  Chairman Mimi Garner 775-229-3140